Friday, April 18, 2008

Artist Spotlight: The Cool Kids

HipHop is nothing with out the all the things that make up HipHop, therefore every month starting today i Will bring you various Artist, Designers, Dancers, Producers and everything else that make up HipHop that need to be brought to the forefront. I don't want people to Box HipHop in because its more than it seems and its nothing without the various people and things that make up the Culture. It would just be totally unfair to you and to the culture.

Artist: The Cool Kids

Chicago based producer/rapper known as Mikey Rocks, and Chuck Inglish, met through myspace in admiration for each others passion for music and The Cool Kids have been doing their thing together since. Their stage presence on the Fool's Gold tour (with Kid Sister) was more than magic. The Cool Kids are signed to Fool's Gold Records (label run by DMC Champ/Kanye West's DJ A-Trak and Jerz-or-die DJ Nick Catchdubs).

You may have heard their song "Black Mag (Listen)", "Gold and Pager (Listen)". The Cool Kids were also featured in an Issue of Fader Magazine (Article), Rolling Stone: As artist to watch (Article), and Vibe (Article). to find out more about The Cool Kids check out their Myspace page for more information on tour dates, etc....The Cool Kids

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