Friday, April 18, 2008

Frank Lucas Jr Sues City of New York

The son of "American Gangster" Frank Lucas, plans to sue the city of New York for $25 million. Frank Lucas Jr claims of a bogus arrest, excessive force and harassment by the cops in Staten Island that took place last month.Frank Lucas Jr. has been charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. "I have no desire to be 'American Gangster Jr.,'" Lucas Jr stated to the local paper.
Lucas Jr.'s lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, says that Lucas was initially a victim of racial profiling until cops recognized Lucas's name then they begin to insult him.

Lucas says the police made the comment; 'You're Frank Lucas's son and a rapper? You got two strikes against you,' "
What i don't understand is why Frank Lucas Jr, didn't change his name like his sister who lives in Atlanta, Ga, if he didn't really want any connection to the name?

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