Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape

According to the Associated Press, an L.A based adult entertainment company got their hands on a sex tape that was given by a Jimi Hendrix memorabilia collector. Which means the company plans to release the sex tape of Jimi Hendrix that was made dang near 40 years ago. In the tape Hendrix is in a hotel room with two women. Ok I'm a fan of Jimi Hendrix but I dont know who would want to see Jimi Hendrix Have sex? But if you do...Click here to see a clip..

Please Be aware it's Not for everyones eyes... Tape


Thaii said...

That's just nasty >.<

Anonymous said...

Uuuuuhhhh!!!!! That's stupid. The negro been dead for 40 years!