Thursday, May 8, 2008

Criminals Become Victims

The recent incdident of 15 officers dragging and beating 3 of 4 shooting suspects out of their car with their fists, feet and batons after a slow speed chase has cause a huge outrage, and has also left the Police Commissioner disappoint, "When they first got him out of the car [it was being handled well]," said Charles Ramsey. "But once they're down... that level of force is only necessary to affect an arrest. I'm disappointed in what I'm looking at."

Mayor Michael Nutter also spoke out on Good Morning America this morning (May 8) saying "It absolutely shows inappropriate behavior," Michael Nutter said, "There is a way to take people into custody ... and there (are) not acceptable ways of taking people into custody."

I do agree with both the Mayor and the Police Commissioner, however my only concern is the mothers of the three criminals who feel there should be some kind of justice taken for what has happened to their sons. And to some extent that is true because the force was a little bit much however these same 4 men one of which got away on foot, were just witness by police walking up to three other men on a corner, shooting them and leaving them for dead. Wheres the justice for those three lives? i don't believe that the action taken was necessary however if we're going to fight for justice lets fight for justice, because it's not a one sided advantage, other wise justice will not be served. but that's just how i feel. check out Video of Mothers Speaking out.

Also for the full story go to MyFox.

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Tim said...

I agree with you Autumn!