Thursday, May 15, 2008

Paoopse Says Rumors Are Not True

Papoose is very upset about the sentencing of his Boo Remy Ma according to his recent interview with MTV, "I never seen a case with more issues, more grounds for appeal than hers." Papoose says that Remy's lawyer, Ivan Fisher, "Incompetent." "Everybody had different stories. Nobody's stories matched. They all lied on the stand. It's disgusting. It's obvious what that case was about."

And as far as the rumors go about his trying to sneak in a key to break Remy out Papoose says
"That whole claim and that rumor is ridiculous," he said. "Ever since she's been incarcerated, I've been going to visit her consistently. I've always had my key chain that has the key to my truck, my crib. ... Everything that was on my key chain was always there [during my visits]. The [corrections officers have] always seen my key chain"

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