Monday, May 5, 2008

R.Kelly Witness will Testify to A Threesome

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that one of the witnesses in R. Kelly's upcoming child pornography trial will testify that she had a threesome with R.Kelly and the underage girl that's allegedly in the sex tape. Word is that she has proof that the girl was not of legal age...Why why is this case still going on?


mike belgrove said...

Ok, someone help me figure this out cause I'm confused. Juan over at Highbrid Nation told me that this new witness has popped up and is saying that she knows that the girl was underage because she joined Kelly and the underage girl in a threesome. So that makes her guilty and Kelly right? Or was she underage also? Which would make Kelly guity in another underage case. Kelly is off the chain.

Anonymous said...

She's a witness dumb ass. Even if she wasn't underage, she can testify that the other girl was and that she was the one on the tape. Right now, R. Kelly is trying to say that the girlon the tape is not the one they say it is.