Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spotlight: Team Guerilla Films

As i told you guys before i will spotlight different aspect of Hip Hop and this month it's none other than, Team Guerilla is a production company that specializes in Graphics, film making and animation. They have projects that range from commercials to music videos with clients such as; Fashion companies, Websites and independent artist. "THE TEAM" which is led by a trifecta of brilliance, Samtubia Edwards (Founder) Chris Alvarez (Producer) and Samgoma Edwards (actor).
Many of you know Team Guerrilla from the Young Hov Project which is a series of Music videos starring Samgoma as rap mogul Jay-Z. PSA (Public Service Announcement) was the first video inducted into the Young Hov series which was followed by "Lucifer" and "Dear Summer" in the summer of 05. Months after the completion of both videos they were placed on Youtube (click to watch videos;, which propelled the group's popularity to what it is today. Many recognize Samgoma from Jay-z’s video "Roc Boyz". Team Guerrilla has produced videos for various artists and they have maintained three quarter of a million views on YouTube and have been featured in popular hip-hop mediums such as XXL magazine,, and Giant Magazine. Currently Team Guerrilla is focusing on creating commercial spots, developing movies and new media content.
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