Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pepa's New Book Talks About Her Abusive Marriage

Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa has a book coming out called “Let’s Talk About Pep.” The book details her rise from poverty and her abusive relationships with a guy named “Brad” aka Treach was beating her. Check out an excerpt

"During one of their apocalyptic fights, she writes, “I had the hot iron in my hand and he had a handful of my hair. He grabbed the hand with the iron in it and was pushing [it] toward my face. … He ended up pressing that hot iron against my other arm. I heard my flesh sizzling, and the smell was sickening. I started screaming from the pain. He dropped the iron and I turned to run, and his nail swiped across my eyeball and shredded my cornea.” The incident left her with deep scars and an eye patch....The couple had another brawl at actor Omar Epps’ house, where, she says, “Brad” threw her through a glass coffee table and tried to push her down the stairs"

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