Friday, September 19, 2008

Your Black World: Funk Master Flex Disses R. Kelly!!!

First, to put things into proper context. Here's an excerpt from BET's interview with Mr. Robert "Piss On You" Kelly:

Funk Master Flex gives his unbridled take on R. Kelly & Teenagers (Brutal):

Long-lost Comedian, Faizon Love, returns the favor to DJ. Flex (Equally Brutal):


relentlessaaron said...

Faizon, everybody should be able to speak their mind in this day and age. And while I DON'T agree with what R. Kelly did, I have to go with the jury and the judge that let him free. As I've said: I cannot hate on someone who has done wrong, gets away with it, and then changes his ways. He’s lucky. So, to that end, I say Kells got off the hook (however he did it; pay-off, power, etc) and it should go no further where he's judged in "Media Court," like OJ was. But let's be honest; if a man pisses on your teenage daughter, you ain't comin at Flex like that. In fact, you ain't speakin up for R.Kelly (like you did). YOU ARE COMIN FOR THE CULPRET’S JUGGLER VEIN. POINT BLANK-PERIOD.
Your argument, Faizon, is NOT with Flex. It's with a massive audience that agrees with what Flex says. And many have spoken out about Kells. So, they all snitches? How you comin at someone who's speaking their mind, like most everyone with heart has done on YOUTUBE, on TV, in magazines, etc. YOU WANNA FIGHT A WHOLE ARMY OF DUDES WHO DON'T APPRECIATE YOUNG GIRLS GETTIN PISSED ON? YOU THAT BIG? What, you KIMBO now? Or, is your MOUTH KIMBO? Like, you gonna stand up and try and act tough to a nation of niggas bigger than you, more fight game than you? We can see you a tough guy, and even if you ain't it looks good. But, i seen a man way bigger than you, wearin cocky and tough all day until a shorter, stronger guy with more heart than a tank took his fuckin head off. So all that tough talk is WACK. It don’t mean shit with a barrel in your face. How tough is a man, really, with the Federal Government’s foot on his neck? How big are you when a cop mistakes you for another man and shoots you 50 times? Oh, you Superman?
And, fuck all the tough talk; where is your REAL argument here? Tell me you DON'T agree with pissin on young impressionable girls. Tell me you don't agree with someone (a cop, even) abusing their power to influence someone vulnerable and less educated and experienced. At that point, your argument may hold weight. But you ain't say nothin in your video about that. And that seems to be Flex's whole issue. Flex has a powerful voice, and he's one of the first to speak up about the actions of another man who has equal press power. So, a lot of us don't agree with how BUSH does his shit. A lot of us don’t agree with how Michael changed his face. Hell, Faizon, many of us don't agree with the dog fights; but you don't see us threatening others who speak out about it! Hillary didn't agree with Barack's health plan. And her husband, Bill, took offense to some race issues during the campaign. So, in defense, because I don't agree with her or him, (what!) I'm gonna get on video and threaten them, give my address and talk about how big and bad I am and that I'm ready for anything? Damn! I would sound like such a fool! Your shit was very personal, Faizon, and not even CLOSE to the argument on the table. You’re mad at somebody—maybe all the Deejays in the world that never supported you? Maybe you tried to get through for a shout-out and the intern at the station hung up on you? Faizon, all this time, I thought you were a comedian; how’d you switch your swagger to gangster? Or, is this just comedy? I ain’tgot no argument wit you, and you ain’t got one with me (or Flex). So come correct dude. All that faggot this and suck that… Faizon (mister That’s So Raven), stop it with your happy, jolly Disney Channel-ass.
In defense of Kells, the man was found innocent. So, let that be. Right? But, in defense of Flex, people can voice their opinion today about most anything, Faizon. And I'm an advocate of free speech. Not reckless, hyperbole. Which is what you gave us. Word.

Anonymous said...

R Kelly is a motherfucking child molester.

T O said...

Wow, Relentless Aaron. I'm impressed brother! Went to your website. Simply Incredible! Keep being the inspiration you are brother!!!