Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dr Boyce Lays Down Economic Advice for Rappers


Hip-Hop Wired’s Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris recently sat down with scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins. The Syracuse University Financial Professor and advocate for African-Americans obtaining education and economic empowerment and warrior against racial injustice goes in on a few topics affecting Black America in the first of many insightful interviews.

HipHopWired: As far as Hip-Hop is concerned, you’ve been one of the people who….you’re part of the Hip-Hop generation, you speak to the Hip-Hop generation without criticizing but you do point out some of the things that are wrong. What are some of the changes you think we as men need to step up and do with the music?

Boyce Watkins: We need to stop being high paid hoes and learn how to be pimps. The truth is that…I actually wrote an article about this literally three days ago. Basically I created a hypothetical conversation between a rapper, a hypothetical rapper named Cash Money and the record label. Basically, Cash Money’s going to the executive and he’s saying, “Oh I know that my last album, Booties, Hoes and Bitches did real well on the charts but I’ve been thinking that this stuff’s not positive and I want to do something more positive next time, so I’m gonna do an album called Studying, Homework and Better Grades…” or something like that. I was just being silly so the executive is basically saying, “You know that’s a great idea Cash Money, I really feel ya dawg but the thing is that Booties, Hoes and Bitches sold two million copies last time and our projections show that the people who follow you, they want more booties, extra hoes and many more bitches so we’re thinking that that would be a great album title for your next release.

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