Monday, August 24, 2009

Ghostface Killah Giving Relationship Tips


Ghostface is doing a weekly video series called "Wizdom of the Week." In the first installment, he explained to women that all men cheat, but that doesn't mean we don't love y'all. "That's what it is. We love the s--- out yall. But we just be f-----. I'm not sayin everybody, cause i got a couple of friends that don't cheat on they girls, or don't do nothin' because they feel like they don't want it comin' back. I could dig it. That's some real s---. I didn't move to that level. That's another level I gotta f----- go to on some 'Martin' s---, when he f----- around and left Gina to go find himself." Kinda wish Ghost would do this daily, or have his own talk radio show. Or just hang out on our roof and give us tips on stuff. [Rapradar]

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