Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News: Hip Hop Wired: The Latest – 8/12/09

» By DANIELLE CANADA   Aug 10 2009, 13:52 Pm

Permanent Link to Ludacris Lands New Fragrance Deal With TAG

Ludacris is the latest celebrity to be idolized by a signature scent. TAG body spray has tapped Chris Lova Lova to release scents for their “Signature Series.” The “Signature Series” features cologne style scents exclusive to TAG from celebrities including Carmelo Anthony and skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. Luda's “Get Yours” will go head to head with Carmelo's “Stay Up” and Dyrdek's “Make Moves”. The celebrity whose scent makes the most in sales will win money to donate to charity.

Luda recently made headlines announcing his own signature line of Cognac. He teamed up with More

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Joe Budden Has Found “Escape Route” For New LP


» By JUSTIN STEWART   Aug 10 2009, 11:49 Am

Permanent Link to Joe Budden Has Found “Escape Route” For New LP

August 11 will now serve as a double delight for Hip-Hop fans. Not only will the world shake with the release of Slaughterhouse's self-titled album, but Joe Budden will be releasing his second digital album on Amalgam Digital titled Escape Route.

Serving as the third collaboration between Budden and the digital label, they have already offered Halfway House and The Padded Room which has served as the outlet for Budden to air out his musical grievances since being put on the injury reserved list with Def Jam. Since partnering up with Amalgam, Jumpoff has been an untamed beast as he has been More

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Brisco Retaliates With “Revenge” After Robbery


» By JUSTIN STEWART   Aug 10 2009, 11:13 Am

Permanent Link to Brisco Retaliates With “Revenge” After Robbery

“Fuck diamonds you can have the coal/ Don't want it back young nigga, I'd rather have your soul.”

It's a shame that things had to escalate to such a degree but as Jay-Z once said, every action has a reaction, and Brisco has chosen to react after being robbed. The Opa-Locka representor has released the track “Revenge” almost fanning out as a contract for anyone who finds the people that were responsible for the attack on him.

“I got a little dough to put hits on all ya'll/ So guess what imam do, put hits on all ya'll/ 20,000 for every niggas that murdered/ I bet them fuck boys won't surface.”

He is also slated to release a mixtape titled Revenge later this More

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