Monday, April 28, 2008

Souja Boy Answers Lebron's One Hit Wonder Comment

For some odd reason Lebron James and Deshawn Stevenson felt that it was appropriate to compare Soulja Boy to Jay-z, call him a one hit wonder, and say that He does immature music. Soulja Boy heard about the comments and he recently told MTV in so many words that he can't see why Lebron James and Deshawn Stevenson would compare him to Jay. He says that he may not be Jay but he's accomplished more with his one song than some rappers in their whole career. Soulja Boy says he was still a fan and he played on attending the game that took place Friday (April 24).

Soulja Boy also Said..."If you go to YouTube, you can see LeBron doing my dance," Soulja said. "So what is he trying to say?"

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Keisha said...

GET HIM!!! It's OK Soulja boy!!! I wouldn't buy your CD and I'm too old to do your dance but you still doing your thing. Plus I kind of like that she got a donk song.