Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shawty Lo Tells MTV He Wants T.I.'s 'Hood Pass!

If your late to the game let me give you a little background work, T.I and Shawty Lo haven't been cool for some times because Shawty Lo did a sing with "King" in the title around the same time T.I dropped his "King" album. Shawty Lo tried to collaborate with T.I, but T.I turned him down and then T.I made reference to it on "Big Sh-- Poppin' "; "I said it on 'King,' and them lames started laughin'/ And same suckers now want the King on a track with 'em."

Well recently Shawty Lo was recently interviewed by MTV and he had a whole lot to say as well..

"He ain't no moon," Shawty Lo says "I feel like he ain't no Jay-Z or nobody like that. He's the clouds, but I ride through clouds every day. He gotta meet me eye to eye. I can't beat him at arguing. He's like a girl. A girl will win an argument every time." Shawty Lo tells MTV

I will say this I love T.I and he has been in the streets but in all honesty Shawty Lo, runs the streets down in Atlanta, Esp. Bankhead..

To read the full story Click Here, Shawty Lo And T.I. Beef

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Anonymous said...

TI's the king! This nigga need to shut the fuck up and realize that TI is the one who don't just run ATL, he runs the motherfuckin world!