Wednesday, March 18, 2009

50 Cents "Boss HOG" Interview!

Check out the full BOSS HOG interview with KING magazine!(Click here)

Who would you still like to collaborate with in Hollywood?Martin Lawrence. We’re actually looking at film scripts right now to collaborate. And Seann William Scott. He just had a film come out called Role Models. I was with him on the Tyra show.

People are struggling to make money in the music industry. Do you have a lot of investments outside of entertainment? Absolutely. I make more money away from music than I do off of music—well, I was. Shit is terrible right now. Look at the economy in general. General Motors and Chrysler are looking for a bailout. It’s going to be a financial issue if they don’t succeed, though. If they don’t receive the assistance, they will go bankrupt in the next couple of years.

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